Why did Kaneki join Aogiri?

Why did Kaneki join Aogiri?

We were all shocked as fans when acknowledge Jason Yamori's torture of Ke Kaneki in season 1. However, although Jason tortured Kaneki for his own pleasure, he was part of the Aogiri Tree. So we all had the same question at the end of Season 2: Why did Kaneki join the Aogiri in Season 2?

The main reason why Kaneki joined the Aogiri is that he wanted to keep an eye on the activities of this organization and if it ever posed a threat to Anteiku, he would destroy it. ... Because in the end, his ultimate goal is to protect his loved ones from the Ancient world.

But let's have a little overview of the situation and discover together what are the main events that led to Kaneki Ken joining this terrible organization:


Why Does Kaneki join Aogiri ?

Why Does Kaneki join Aogiri ?

When Kaneki arrived in Aogiri, he was going through an identity crisis. He didn't know what he was: a human or a ghoul? He wanted a place he belonged to, the only person close to him was his friend Hide.

In spite of everything, Anteiku welcomed Kaneki with open arms and offered him a group to belong to. The doubt about his identity was dispelled when Yoshimura told him:

"You are a single person who has two worlds in which to belong. This makes you unique. »

But the confrontation with Jason and his torture changed Ken Kaneki once again and he started to question his identity one more time. In the end, the departure of the Ancient One was followed for 2 main reasons:

  1. To become stronger, so that you can protect his loved ones.
  2. To get closer to the head of the Aogiri tree.

Yes, the main reason Kaneki joined the Aogiri tree is that he wanted to keep an eye on Aogiri's activities and if he ever posed a threat to Anteiku, he would have destroyed it from the inside.

As for the second reason, Kaneki wanted, by getting closer to the leader of the Aogiri tree, he could keep an eye on him and learn more about his evil plans. Kaneki is somewhat similar to Itachi in Naruto, where Itachi joined the Akatsuki to watch and keep an eye on them in order to protect his village.


Kaneki don't join Aogiri Tree in the manga

The 143 chapters of the manga Tokyo Ghoul and the end of the anime Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 both end with the CCG raid of Anteiku, but the way the anime came to this end differs greatly from the source that is the manga.

In addition to altering the final battle scene, which was the focus of the manga, the end of this one revealed Hideyoshi Nagachika (Hide) dying in Kaneki's arms.

However, the biggest difference in the story is that Kaneki joins the Aogiri organization in the anime while in the manga, Kaneki forms his own group of ghouls to protect his friends after being tortured by Yamori of the Aogiri Tree.

The group formed by Kaneki has also attacked the Aogiri, the Anteiku and the GCC, so most of season 2 of the anime is a completely original story from the one told in manga.

What do you think about it? Is it really understandable for Kaneki to join the Aogiri? Is that really the reason he joined? The plot of the anime or manga is the most relevant? Let us know in the comments section.

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